In 2016, the Atlanta Social Club was founded to help connect the women of Atlanta. As we get older, it becomes increasingly more difficult to maintain a social life. You move to a new city. You're working a lot. You lose touch with old friends. That's where we come in, to help rejuvenate your social life, with organized events, centered in friendship, with your interests at heart.


Our Mission

Developing meaningful and lasting relationships between women in Atlanta that benefit our community by providing opportunities for friendship, promoting health and wellness, and dedicating efforts to charities.

These amazing ladies created their own BFF meetup in Atlanta over the weekend! We LOVE seeing and sharing your stories. Be a #queenbee today and everyday 👊🏼💛
— Bumble BFF
I am continuously amazed at how loving humans can be. With all the horrible events taking place in our world, there has been so much love and positivity spreading through the Atlanta Social Club. It brings tears to my eyes to see all of these strangers come together as one. Everyone is welcomed with open arms and kind words. These women care so much about our city and those who live here. It is so refreshing to get on fb each day and see women complementing each other, reaching out to one another, inviting each other to lunches and dinners, and helping each other all out of pure kindness. <3 I am so thankful to have met these women. My heart is so full.
— Roya Robati, Atlanta Social Club Member
It’s awesome that you started something like the Atlanta Social Club! I’m brand new to Atlanta! I was worried about the big change from Charleston since I’ll be working from home and won’t have any co-workers to socialize with. So glad I found this!
— Geri Quiogue, Atlanta Social Club Member

I just love the whole idea of the Atlanta Social Club. I’m fairly new to Atlanta so I am definitely going to be participating in many of your events!
— Alyssa Jo, Atlanta Social Club Member

What We've Achieved

  • Connected 7,500+ women in Atlanta;

  • Organized social events in the newest places around Atlanta;

  • Set up health & wellness events, such as yoga, hikes, and barre classes;

  • Offered opportunities to volunteer for organizations that give back to the Atlanta community;

  • Partnered with local and global brands to raise awareness among our private club.